Rafael Schultz

Rafael Schultz - Advisor


Rafael Schultz is the CEO of Blockchainpunk Labs, former Co-founder of Dash Embassy, member of the German Startup Association, and Maxonrow's advisor.

Rafael educates governments, universities, and financial institutions about blockchain payments and governance models of the future. During the last decade, Rafael has advanced business development in the banking and payment sector by building teams in Europe and Asia. Since 2017 he has founded the accelerator Blockchainpunk Labs, acted as an investor and advisor for various blockchain projects in Berlin, and established the token listing platform cryptowalletcheck.com.

Riccardo Lamanna

Riccardo Lamanna - Advisor


Riccardo entered the Blockchain field in 2012. To deepen the technology, he founded the wallet and exchange comparison website Cryptowalletcheck and is now a consultant for several Security Token Offering (STO) projects and other blockchain companies. Riccardo is passionate about decentralized networks and he wants to advance human progress by educating new actors in the ecosystem. As part of his computer science studies, he specialized in cryptocurrency, blockchain, and hardware security, focusing on wallet technologies with secure storage, backup strategies, and exchange integration.

Massimo Buonomo

Massimo Buonomo - Advisor


Massimo is a blockchain expert with a background in finance, smart contracts, and financial applications. He has worked as Senior Non-European Bank Analyst at Credit Lyonnais Securities and as a Financial Analyst at Merrill Lynch in London & Chemical Bank in Italy. He is also a Green-Tech member of the Society of Italian Economists.

After working in international financial markets for 20 years as a senior equity banking analyst, Massimo dove into education by working as a university professor of fintech and international finance. Fluent in Italian, English, and Portuguese, Massimo taught and lived in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Turin, Italy, and Wuhan, China.

Massimo also serves as an advisor for several international organizations such as the United Nations agency Alliance of Civilization, United Nations Centre for Trade Facilitation and Electronic Business (UN/CEFACT)-UNECE Italy.

Richard Batten

Richard Batten - Advisor


Richard is a lawyer with over 20 years of Forensic and Compliance consulting experience in the Asia Pacific Region. He has worked as a Forensic Partner at Deloitte and PWC, two of the Big 4 Accounting firms.

During his tenure, Richard has provided Anti-money Laundering, Fraud and Corruption risk advice to governments, financial services, energy companies, and other private sector organizations. Richard has also served as the Head of Security and Fraud Control for Electronic and Card Products with a major Australian Bank.

He has recently provided AML Compliance advice for Internet-based payment service providers. He has also led a range of engagement for fraud control frameworks, fraud risk assessment, fraud analytics, and investigations. He has extensive experience in benchmarking and developing fraud and corruption management frameworks and policies directing fraud risk workshops and fraud and ethics training programs.

Jin Tai
Industry Advisor

Jin Tai - Industry Advisor

Jin Tai_215X268

Jin has over 12 years of experience in marketing and entertainment. Over the years he has helped numerous Fortune 500 companies develop marketing strategy.
Jin believes that blockchain technology can be a game changer for the music industry. As an advisor for Maxonrow, he is committed to revolutionizing the music industry through blockchain solutions. 

Carlo Chung
Group CTO

Carlo Chung - Group CTO

Carlo Chung

Carlo obtained his Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science from the University of Adelaide, Australia. During his tenure, he received the top scholar-award. He is a robust full stack developer and has been entrusted with developing the technological roadmap for many multinational companies. As Chief Architect of many award-winning financial platforms, Carlo has engineered and implemented many enterprise-grade systems for AirAsia, Hainan Airlines Group, Firefly, Shell, ProJET, BP, BPI Philippines, VeriSign Inc, and more. With his extensive experience in the banking sector, financial payments and blockchain industry, he will lead the technical team to architect, design, and develop all the products and services offered by MAXONROW.

Don Hsieh
CTO, Taiwan

Don Hsieh - CTO, Taiwan


Don has used his technical expertise to build platforms and solutions for the blockchain, telecommunications, retail, commercial real estate, and fashion industries. His research interests include blockchain identity, large-scale architecture, supply chain, and tokenomics. His favorite project was leading an international alliance of laboratories and producers to research the traceability of European food.

Akiva Lai

Akiva Lai - CPO


Akiva is an expert in digital transformation and business processes having over ten years of experience across sales and marketing functions in the financial industry. During his tenure, Akiva has led numerous digitization efforts for Cathay United Bank, KPMG and JP Morgan, therefore transforming traditional industry processes to today's needs.

Tiffany Tsai
Deputy CMO

Tiffany Tsai - Deputy CMO


With almost 10 years of professional experience in marketing and communications, Tiffany has had leadership roles in marketing, partnership, BD, content creation and strategy in TV, film and online media, serving international brands like NBCU, Viacom, A+E and Discovery Channel.

Her strengths include deal negotiating, strategic partnership, public speaking, marketing strategy and managing international teams across different functions, cultures and timezones. Her favorite food is soup.

Ximena Cordon
Marketing Communications Director

Ximena Cordon - Marketing Communications Director


Ximena is an online marketing and communications specialist with over five years of experience in building and executing communication and content strategies for a variety of clients around the globe.

She has a people first approach, coaching and empowering teams to step up, have and own their ideas to lead the success of businesses.

James Chen
Digital Marketing Director

James Chen - Digital Marketing Director


With a background in mass communication, James has strong theoretical knowledge and rich experience in social media marketing and word of mouth marketing. As the Community Director of Maxonrow, he is here to strengthen the bond and interaction of our members by gathering the power of knowledge through social media.

Greg Wang
Product Manager

Greg Wang - Product Manager


Greg has over three years of software product experience in designing blockchain decentralized applications, AI products, and online game architecture. He is also an avid lecturer who has as been a frequent guest speaker for incubators, universities, and enterprises.

Chiew Mey
IT Project Manager

Chiew Mey - IT Project Manager

Chiew Mey

Chiew Mey is a passionate IT project manager with a full stack development background that has successfully rolled out more than fifteen projects in automation within several software industries. She has multi-platform experience and knowledge in SDLC and Agile SCRUM that makes her more flexible in managing different types of projects. As the IT Project Manager at Maxonrow, she is in charge of planning and executing projects to completion. Chiew ensures that milestones are on track and that everyone involved is working to their full potential. If there are any issues, delays, or problems, she will work with the user or team to review and fix any issues in the best way possible.

Sik Jean Soon
Head of Engineering

Sik Jean Soon - Head of Engineering

Sik Jean Soon

Jean is a visionary Head of Engineering with fifteen years of extensive experience in the technology field. He has time again demonstrated his expertise in building complex consumer-facing digital products as well as putting together, motivating, and leading high performing development teams. As Head of Engineering at Maxonrow, he is responsible for growing and leading the technical team to achieve Maxonrow’s development goals.

Dr. Amin Oroji (PhD)
Senior Data Scientist

Dr. Amin Oroji (PhD) - Senior Data Scientist

Dr. Amin Oroji (PhD)

Dr. Amin completed his Ph.D. in Applied Mathematics and Mathematical Modeling at the University of Malaya (UM). With eight years of experience as a lecturer, he started working in the data science field beginning in 2015. He was involved in a variety of projects as a Mathematical Modeler, Machine Learning Expert, R&D member, and Data Scientist. Dr. Amin is an expert in Mathematical & Statistical Modelling, Machine Learning Techniques, Predictive Analysis, and Big Data Analytics. He has completed over 20 projects in Data Science. Dr. Amin has hands-on experience in Apache Spark and Hadoop to address big data analytics problems and AWS Cloud Services such as SageMaker, Lambda Service. As Senior Data Scientist, he focuses on Maxonrow’s Identity Chain.

Mostafa Sedaghat Joo
Blockchain Architect

Mostafa Sedaghat Joo - Blockchain Architect

Mostafa Sedaghat Joo

Mostafa is a passionate IT expert in architecting, designing, and implementing enterprise blockchain solutions. He has strong knowledge of Consensus Engines and Byzantine Fault Tolerance, Smart Contracts, and Enterprise Security. He is also very familiar with Tendermint, HyperLedger, Ethereum, and Plasma Blockchain protocols and technologies. Mostafa has a good understanding of cryptographic and security algorithms, and as Maxonrow’s Blockchain Architect, he is tasked with building the architecture and design of Maxonrow’s blockchain as well as leading the Blockchain Core Development.

Nagaraj Manjunath
Senior Blockchain Developer

Nagaraj Manjunath - Senior Blockchain Developer

Nagaraj Manjunath

Nagaraj came from a very competitive environment where he was able to stand out with his flexibility in handling multiple tasks. He is a very organized professional with strong MVC architecture development knowledge. He follows the standard software development practices strictly while working on blockchain projects. As a Senior Blockchain Developer in Maxonrow, he is responsible for implementing, supporting, and launching Maxonrow’s distributed blockchain-based network.

Goh Chun Kiat
Blockchain Developer

Goh Chun Kiat - Blockchain Developer

Goh Chun Kiat

Chun Kiat is a senior software engineer and technical lead, experienced in the payment processor, ERP system, and e-commerce platform. He is very passionate about blockchain technologies and applying blockchain to the payment industry. As one of Maxonrow’s Blockchain Developers, he is tasked in developing the application logic of the Maxonrow blockchain and backend systems which integrate to the blockchain.

Tan Yen Khoon
Blockchain Developer

Tan Yen Khoon - Blockchain Developer

Tan Yen Khoon

Yen Khoon is an enthusiastic software engineer with blockchain development experience. He always keeps himself updated with the latest blockchain technologies. As Blockchain Developer at MAXONROW, he develops the architecture of Maxonrow’s blockchain system according to their design of consensus protocol.

Jex Soon
Senior Software Engineer

Jex Soon - Senior Software Engineer

Jex Soon

An experienced senior software engineer, Jex possesses vast experience in complex end-to-end software development. He engineers user-facing application, server-side software, application service, and tools.

As a senior software engineer in Maxonrow, he is responsible for analyzing user requirements and identify ideas to improve system quality. He will then lead the team to develop software solutions.

Chia Ka Choon
Senior Software Engineer

Chia Ka Choon - Senior Software Engineer

Chia Ka Choon

Ka Choon is an innovative and progressive senior software engineer with solid fundamentals in transactional system and end users products.

As a senior software engineer in Maxonrow, he is responsible for writing the microservices and APIs used by front-end developers and mobile application developers. He is also responsible for server-side web application logic along with front-end integration.

Aaron Ng
Senior Software Engineer

Aaron Ng - Senior Software Engineer

Aaron Ng

Aaron is a skilled front-end web developer who has experience in delivering web applications across multiple platforms, and translating the UI/UX design wireframes to actual codes that produce visual elements of the application.

As a front-end developer in Maxonrow, he is responsible in creating responsive websites that work on wide range of devices, and assisting with the production of clean and functional designs.

Tyler Chong
Lead Mobile Developer

Tyler Chong - Lead Mobile Developer

Tyler Chong

Tyler is an experienced team leader with analyst background. He has comprehensive knowledge of multiple operation platforms, working with renowned software and tools, including Swift, Java, and hybrid React Native. As a Mobile Team Lead at Maxonrow, he innovates on how to build a CI process and automate chores. Tyler is also responsible for all design decisions, including the ones made by his teammates.

Everet Siew
Senior Mobile Developer

Everet Siew - Senior Mobile Developer

Everet Siew

Everet is a forward-thinking developer with strong analytical skills developed over nine years of building, integrating, testing, and supporting Android applications for mobile and tablet devices. As a Senior Mobile Developer at Maxonrow, he plays a role in designing the fundamentals of native mobile applications and gives guidance to the team on applying industry standards for application development automation technologies and tools.

Louis Tan
Senior UI/UX Designer

Louis Tan - Senior UI/UX Designer

Louis Tan

Throughout his 8 years working within the IT industry, Louis has garnered an extensive knowledge of e-commerce user experience through past employments, utilising various tools, as well as project research.

With the emergence and rapid adoption of e-Wallet, Louis believes that e-Wallet security is of utmost importance. As a UI/UX Designer in Maxonrow, he is responsible for ensuring that the company offers a convincing, user-friendly experience to end users.

Senior UI/UX Designer

Zyan - Senior UI/UX Designer


Zyan is a senior UI/UX specialist in blockchain industry who focuses on usability, visual communication, strategy integration, service design, and UI/UX. Through lean workflow, she is quick to deliver solution in a fast-paced and unpredictable start-up environment. Her passion in solving problems drives her to generate beautiful deliverables and easy-to-use products.

As a UI/UX designer in Maxonrow, she is responsible for transforming business objectives into concepts and creating mockups from complex technical ideas, before refining them into user-friendly layouts.