Our system is a unique application of public permission systems. Entrants to the system must be verifiable individuals or businesses who have gone through a KYC check. However, no centralized authority controls the system itself or the participants' information. Without a valid identity, a user cannot use our system because only the ID-issuing authority has information related to the users' identity.

We are currently not an open source platform, and we do not plan on releasing our source code in near future. We are a commercial platform that utilizes decentralized systems to increase the reach and effectiveness of existing software systems. We intend to continue to develop our system as a set of tools allowing companies and individuals to harness the power of blockchain systems.

Premium accounts are large balance accounts that enjoy exclusive benefits for transaction fees within the ecosystem and who have supporter accounts associated with them as a way of rewarding influential community builders. For more information, please click HERE.

Instead of a Smart Contract framework, Maxonrow has developed a specific infrastructure for specific smart contract functions which all tokens on our system can utilize through our asset issuing engine. Currently, KYC verification, alias application, transaction fees, and token issuance settings through the wallet/SDK are available. Future functions will be added through our strategic roadmap along with community feedback. A list of pre-planned features is displayed in our white paper, under ‘Project Development Plans’ roadmap.

A Supernode in Ethereum and similar systems typically designates a node that contains a full record of the blockchain and checks transactions for validity in the network. Maxonrow, built on the Tendermint core, labels validator’s functions parallel to the role of Supernode. Our information sometimes uses the term Supernode as most users are more familiar with their function of validating transactions and receiving transaction fees for validation efforts. For more information on how Maxonrow operates its validator network and G-DPOS system, read our white paper.