The MAX-Wallet is built upon the Maxonrow Blockchain which is embedded with state of the art KYC. Users only need to conduct KYC authentication once upon registering a new account before having unlimited access to the Maxonrow Blockchain ecosystem and manage their encrypted assets.


By working with governments worldwide, the Maxonrow Digital Wallet will enable function extensions that would expand the industry beyond the current scope.


Keep all your financial discussions in one place with the MAX-Wallet unique chat function will all allow you to communicate seamlessly with active members within the Maxonrow ecosystem.


With the MAX-Wallet you can issue custom tokens for your business to do an ICO or any other business activity.

maxwallet 2

Built upon KYC blockchain, the MAX-Wallet also shows asset value, transaction fees, and transaction types in full transparency.

Built upon KYC blockchain, the MAX-Wallet also shows asset value, transaction fees, and transaction types in full transparency.

MAX-Wallet Features

Setting Up and Restoring Wallet

KYC Authentication

Application for Aliases

Cryptocurrency Transfers

Sending and Receiving Assets to Valid Addresses

Application for Cryptocurrency Issuance

Wallet Contact Chatroom

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Available Starting Sept 1st

maxwallet 3

Available Starting Sept 1st


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Frequently Asked Questions

Please follow the steps below to create your exclusive identity:

1.  Click “Create new wallet”.

2. Set your exclusive password.

3. Transcribe or back up your exclusive mnemonic phrase.

4. Enter mnemonic phrase.

5. Enter your nickname and Email.

6. Enter verification code sent from Email.

To recover your identity:

You must have the mnemonic phrase of original identity or the backup of uploading wallet to recover identity.

Please click “Forgot your password?” and follow the instructions to enter your information, so that you can recover your identity.

If you forget your password, please click “Forgot your password?” and follow the instructions below to retrieve your wallet.

Step 1: Mnemonic phrase

Please enter 12 mnemonic phrase that you backed up in order before and submit. Then, reset your password.

Step 2: Wallet backup

Please upload the backup file of your wallet, and then reset your password, After that, click “Retrieve my wallet”.

Mnemonic is readable private key encryption, and often use for generating many private keys. It is composed of 12 different phrase, and can help you create multiple accounts.

Mnemonic is unencrypted private key. Anyone who knows your mnemonic can take away your assets. Therefore, you must transfer assets while leaking or losing mnemonic.

How to do?

Create a new identity or wallet and memorize new mnemonic. Then, transfer assets to new identity or wallet.

Mnemonic can manage multi-chain wallet. You can use same mnemonic to manage assets on multi-chain. If you forget your password, you can also enter backup mnemonic to recover the identity.

There are not any conditions currently, but please notice the information you filled in should be correct.

A wallet address: The account for transferring or receiving assets.

A transaction password: You will be promoted to set password while creating wallet. The password is your transaction password. At the same time, the password will encrypt the wallet private key and generate the Keystore of wallet.

Please follow the steps below to back up your wallet:

  1. Click “Backup account” in “Personal Account”
  2. Export wallet files
  3. Enter your encrypted password
  4. Export backup files to your email

Please click “Remove from the device” on sidebar menu, and then enter the wallet password that you want to delete. Your wallet will remove from MAX-Wallet.

Users use private key for signature transaction to prove that users have output rights of translation. Each output transaction record will be stored in the blockchain, so it will not lost.

Different from current cryptocurrency wallets which only have payment and collection feature, users can issue exclusive token in their wallet due to Max-Wallet’s exclusive technology(SDK and KYC). In addition to the transaction of main currencies, stores and enterprises can build their currency ecosystem through coin offering. Maxonrow provides the most convenient use experience, and chatting is the basic feature.

If you want to transfer or receive assets, you can send wallet address or QR code to receiver.

Wallet address and QR code are public information in the blockchain, so you do not worry about security issues.

We charge the transaction fee proportionally.

Mnemonic can help you to prevent asset embezzlement. While recording mnemonic, you have to be cautious, and memorize and keep them.

Each transaction is recorded on the blockchain, and it is immutability. If the transaction is finished, you cannot stop the transaction or retrieve your assets unless you know the receiver and query for transferred assets.