MAX-Register is a login and KYC service available on MAX-Wallet that helps businesses provide a safe, streamlined, and simplified onboarding process using cryptography and other technologies.

The service supports account registration, login, and two-factor authentication.Balancing security, privacy, and user experience, MAX-Register is Maxonrow’s answer to the rising AML/KYC costs and ID fraud cases around the globe.

Data Quality and Accuracy

All information entered is subjected to strict review and approval on MAX-Wallet, effectively eliminating any information inaccuracy or errors.

Cut Cost

Eliminate the need for a dedicated KYC operations team as each person only needs to complete KYC once. We will take care of this time-consuming process while you focus on your business.

Effortless Integration

Our SDK enables a straightforward setup process for you to integrate MAX-Register into your platform. We have a dedicated support team here at Maxonrow that is always eager to help you with any problems you might encounter.