Blockchain is a technology that enables individuals and companies to make instantaneous transactions without an intermediary. Each transaction conducted is encrypted yet traceable to the public.

Transaction information in the form of digital ‘blocks’ are stored and verified by distributed database on multiple computers (nodes) that are trusted and verified by the system—decentralized. A new transaction generates a new block, each block has a timestamp and a link to the previous block, forming a chain.

Transactions information stored on nodes are immutable,therefore completely secure and valid.


MAX-Wallet is a mobile application developed by Maxonrow designed for end users, such as consumers and enterprises. MAX-Wallet enables its users to send and request Maxonrow tokens (MXW) as well as other tokens, to and from other KYC-verified users.

During wallet registration, users are required to go through and pass KYC verification prior to being allowed to conduct any transaction on Maxonrow ecosystem. Once a user is KYC-verified, s/he can manage and make transactions using their encrypted assets.

For KYC-verified users, they can apply and create their own personalized tokens too!

Watch this space as we are constantly expanding the functionalities of MAX-Wallet. To read MAX-Wallet’s FAQ, click here.


Blockchain is all about transparency, and MAX-Scan proves just that.

MAX-Scan is a website where users can trace any transaction within the Maxonrow blockchain, complete with information such as wallet address (with QR code), token amount in a specific wallet, flow of token (to and from which wallet address), transaction amount, transaction timestamp, and many more.

All you need to enter is wallet address, transaction hash (transaction reference number), or block number. This is a powerful tool created for everyone’s convenience.

Software Development Kit

Maxonrow’s Software Development Kit provides regulated service providers full software development support services to develop their web-based or mobile-based applications.

Our SDK eliminates blockchain development complications, this eases the effort to develop a working application and ecosystem, thanks to Tendermint. Maxonrow’s modular blockchain design can be used based on situational needs and release provisional updates at a moment’s notice.

Developers and users only need to focus on business logic and customizing interface for user experience enhancement, perfect for those unable to maintain an entire system.

Digital Asset
(Fungible & Non-Fungible)

Blockchain technology can be used to verify the authenticity of such assets.

In near future, our flexible platform can possibly even materialize the issuance and management of indivisible digital assets: the division of national land, distribution of limited asset, and resources.

Fungible Asset
Once Maxonrow tokens (MXW) are released, verified cryptocurrency can be created on Maxonrow ecosystem to allow the transfer of enterprise’s assets onto our blockchain.

Non-fungible Asset
None-fungible assets: rare digital goods that are authentic and validated, such as paintings, collectibles & antiques, limited edition or one-off merchandise, concert ticket, and so on.

Premium Account Program

Enterprises can benefit from our low transaction fee for rapid adoption and
application of blockchain technology.

Maxonrow caters exclusive privilege of reduced transaction fee for premium account holders. Premium accounts are bestowed to prominent users and enterprises with significant impact and influence on Maxonrow platform, these can be the contributors and developers of Maxonrow ecosystem.

Furthermore, there are multiple ways for premium account holders to gain passive income on Maxonrow platform.

Identity Chain

Maxonrow’s identity chain will define new horizons for digital identities, with unprecedented realistic applications on a global scale. Without prejudice, virtually every person in the world is eligible for a identity chain.

Once a digital identity is verified on Maxonrow, user will be allowed to manage their personal data, as well as turning their passport into digital passport (or any travel documents) to be stored in the Maxonrow blockchain. Thanks to our universal compliance and compatibility, various cross-border entities and establishments can request and acquire these data from a user when needed.

Personal information update is instantaneous and synchronized across all platforms and systems.

With the ever-increasing risk of user data leakage and misappropriation, decentralized storage of personal data enhances the security of digital identity storage, privacy protection, and grants control over personal data. With added layer of encrypted keys and proof-of-ownership further fortifies personal data security.

Secure Certificate Authority Services

Our secure certificate authority service is tailored for governments, large and small-scale enterprises across the world.

Such certification simplifies the clearing of assets, company shares, and investment holdings. Owning an asset certificate—like a real estate certificate—is equivalent to the proof of owning a piece of said asset.

Issuer of asset certificate can reduce operating costs and administration fees through our secure certificate authority service. Our certification further improves issuer’s service efficiency and the prospect to acquire large amount of cash (including stock and bond dividend).