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MAX-Wallet aims to be the main user focused application managing the user’s Maxonrow account. Built upon KYC blockchain, the MAX-Wallet also shows asset value, transaction fees, and transaction type in full transparency. Users only need to conduct KYC authentication once upon registering a new account before having unlimited access to the Maxonrow Blockchain ecosystem and manage their encrypted assets. Maxonrow is preparing to venture into non-transactional systems as well; by working with governments worldwide, the Maxonrow Digital Wallet will enable function extensions that would expand the industry beyond the current scope.

Software Development Kit

Maxonrow’s SDK doesn’t require complex point-to-point protocols, consensus algorithms, or internet security protocols because these are all taken care of by Tendermint. Developers and users alike could focus on improving experience, as they simply need to work on perfecting the user experience and their business logic. The modularized design of Maxonrow Blockchain also allows our team to launch application and function updates.
Maxonrow Software Development Kit (SDK) aims to allow developers to build exclusive interfaces and applications within the Maxonrow blockchain. The Software Development Kit is perfect for development teams who have application and product development capabilities but are unable to maintain an entire system.

Maxonrow Software Development Kit can be installed into the NPM system JavaScript database Node.js, which includes the communication with Maxonrow Blockchain.

Fungible Digital Assets

Maxonrow Platform for Fungible Assets

Maxonrow enables creating a validated cryptocurrency on Maxonrow so that companies could transfer its economic values (assets) onto the Maxonrow blockchain. Once MXW releases, it will support the digital assets of this category (fungible).

Non Fungible Digital Assets

Maxonrow Platform for Non Fungible Digital Assets

Non-fungible digital assets represent authenticated rare (digital) goods that have value beyond regular goods. For example, in the field of art, the technology could be used to authenticate a unique painting. Non-fungible digital assets apply in our daily lives as well, for instance, a concert ticket for a superstar or rare products with a limited amount available.

Indivisible digital assets are indispensable in Maxonrow’s asset issuance and management in our project of the flexible platform. In the future, the division of national land, distribution of limited asset and resources becoming scarce will all rely on the platform for non-fungible digital assets for effective management and utilization.

Premium Account Mechanism

The Maxonrow team will provide an exclusive discount mechanism for users that have significant influence and are critical to the interests of Maxonrow’s main chain platform for their contribution to the development of the ecosystem. Maxonrow Premier account rewards are offered in Maxonrow, available for usage and asset transfers. Maxonrow Premier Account allows users to gain passive income from sharing transfer fees among other users or companies on the platform. Under the Premium Account mechanism, Premier Account (an exclusive feature) owners are allowed to activate sub-wallets to share the asset transfer fees charged from these wallets.

Maxonrow’s uniquely low transaction fees, charging merely 0.5% per transaction, allow companies to reduce costs significantly during rapid adoption and application of the blockchain technology, making blockchain more practical and cost-effective.

Maxonrow account levels and transaction fees:

Preferred Account: 0.2% transaction fee
Prestige Account: 0.1% transaction fee
Premier Account: 0.05% transaction fee

Digital Passport

Digital Passport/Identification Chain

Maxonrow’s digital ID will be the new paradigm for digital identification. The design of Maxonrow’s ID chain system will allow the user to manage the data stored in the chain while maximizing usability and compatibility with various systems. We aspire to build a free world where people, organizations, and entities could all acquire and collect information for their permanent validatable digital certificates. Our digital ID is the first step in realizing this vision. It also enables other systems to access the data, ensuring the prosperity of the value internet. Regardless of circumstance, a secured ID is essential to accessing various systems
For an ID chain created through real-name (KYC) authentication, the user’s digital identification is securely stored in the blockchain, accessible with encrypted keys and proof-of-ownership. Digital travel documents (digital passport) and other identifications could be safely stored in the blockchain as well, only users with secure encrypted keys and verified ID could access and store such personal information. The approach is similar to how the blockchain stores cryptocurrency; the only difference is that users could decide to whom and when data in the ID chain is accessible.


Secure Certificate Authority Services

Secure Certificate Authority Services

Certification for early projects yields limited returns for investors because the purpose is to fund the start-up companies. Since investors want to hold real shares in the projects they fund, the secure certificate authority services are born. Such certification simplifies the clearing of assets, company shares, and investment holdings. Owning an asset certificate, just as a real estate certificate, is the proof of owning a piece of the asset.

An asset certificate is beneficial to the issuer for reducing operation and administration fees, improving asset service efficiency, and gaining a large amount of cash (including stock dividend or bond dividend). The ultimate goal of Maxonrow Blockchain is to offer secure certificate authority services and their platform to governments and companies, large and small, worldwide.