Maxonrow Introduces True Asset Issuing, at Kucoin’s Meetup Held in Moscow

KuCoin hosted a Meetup event in Moscow, Russia, at the Tablica co-working space to share thoughts about new and upcoming blockchain trends. Maxonrow is honored to have been invited as speaker of a leading blockchain project and gave a presentation about its innovative KYC Blockchain and its latest product release, True Asset Issuing.

The Meetup also had speakers from Blockcloud, Akro, and The Forbidden Forest, concluding with a live AMA with the KuCoin team. Maxonrow was one of the central figures at the Moscow Meetup after introducing its MAX-Wallet last month in New York City and concluding its #MaxonWorld Tour with its final Meetup in Bangkok earlier this month.

The MAX-Wallet has already garnered more than 120k downloads since its release. Also, this past Monday, Oct. 14th, Maxonrow’s token, MXW, was successfully listed on the Kucoin Exchange.

“Driving the mass adoption of the blockchain technology and bringing more trust, security, and transparency to the world has always been a mission of ours at KuCoin. We are extremely proud to empower MXW by Maxonrow, who honors the same values,” detailed KuCoin Founder and CEO, Michael Gan, in the Maxonrow official announcement.

Ximena Cordon, Maxonrow’s Marketing Communications Director, followed the keynote speech from KuCoin’s CEO and Founder, Michael Gan, and introduced TAI. “By fusing Maxonrow’s unique KYC identity verification mechanism with the immutable record structure of blockchain, Maxonrow has conceived a one-of-a-kind technology—True Asset Issuing (TAI). Under the TAI process, KYC-verified business owners can follow these steps to turn their property or asset into tokens, then issue and distribute these tokens on the Maxonrow network to revolutionize their business model,” she said.


Maxonrow is expected to release this revolutionizing technology before the end of the year. Following the listing of MXW, Maxonrow and KuCoin will continue to collaborate to bring users discounts, other promotional campaigns and reach a global community through more events  around the world.