MAXathon Goes Online to Reimagine Healthcare Solutions

After postponing our in-person hackathon in Berlin later this year, we are excited to announce our first-ever MAXathon, an online hackathon from September 5 to October 3, 2020, where blockchain experts, developers, and other tech enthusiasts will reimagine blockchain for healthcare applications in response to the global challenges propagated by pandemics.


Challenge Categories

Our challenges are based on MedsLOCK, a control and communication ecosystem that provides real-time COVID-19 insights that Maxonrow is building. We have come up with five challenges, and we hope we can implement the winners of each on the platform:

1) Physical Distancing

Governments all over the world are searching for solutions to contain the spread of COVID-19. Physical distancing measures such as stay-at-home orders and travel restrictions have been proven to slow the spread in many cases. How can we make use of analytics to create smarter solutions to help governments implement social or physical distancing measures?

2) Credential and Certificate Issuance

Apart from test results, governments have no way of verifying if a patient has had COVID-19 and is virus-free. Help us build a solution that can help governments quickly retrieve verifiable data.

3) Welfare

How do we improve the process flow between businesses and the government during a pandemic? Can we eliminate intermediaries to lower transaction costs, while providing transparency to beneficiaries of welfare programs?

4) Virtualizing the New Norm

To ensure everyone’s safety during a pandemic, we need to maintain physical distance. As our regular lives become disrupted, how can we use blockchain technology to navigate this change? This is a challenge where we will allow creative freedom and evaluate the quality of the solution based on how well it solves the problem presented by each group.

5) UI/UX

There are many data representations of the current pandemic. How do we present a holistic multi-dimensional dashboard with unique features?

How Can You Participate?

Participants must submit their project on the challenge platform before September 30, 2020. After all submissions have been reviewed, 20 teams will be selected to attend the Demo Day on October 3, 2020, at which time they will pitch their solution to the final jury.

The winning team of each track will be rewarded with €3,000 for a total prize of €15,000! Go to to register! Once you’re in, you can also participate in the pre-hackathon online events we have planned.

Let’s do this!