Maxonrow Gathers Hundreds in Seoul to Discuss the Future of Finance

As part of the Global Meetup tour, #Maxonworld, Maxonrow held its first meeting in Seoul, South Korea on June 14th. More than 300 industry-related experts convened to discuss how blockchain technology can help sustain current industries and traditional markets. KYC Blockchain breaks new ground for conventional blockchain anonymity mechanisms as the future of finance embraces True Asset Issuance, or TAI, from Maxonrow.


As KYC (Know Your Customer) and AML (Anti-Money Laundering) quickly gains international attention, companies are also updating technological infrastructure and actively seeking solutions to blockchain mechanism to achieve more effective corporate governance responsibilities. Maxonrow’s Blockchain implements the world’s first KYC Blockchain technology, hoping to provide a more improved and more transparent blockchain for local industries and national governments.Being the world’s most popular Blockchain and cryptocurrency investment market, South Korea is deemed a global industry leader when it comes to the cryptocurrency exchange, blockchain media, and blockchain projects.

Some of the industries that involve the cooperation of Blockchain include the municipal government, Internet, finance, healthcare, logistics, etc. Maxonrow has been compiling its energy around the Asia market for some time. The visit to the heart of South Korea allowed in-depth dialogue with local institutions and the blockchain community of Seoul.

Participants at the event said that although blockchain technology is rapidly developing in South Korea, a main chain that features KYC mechanism was unheard of until today.


During the event, Maxonrow’s Global CEO Mark Homeier introduced the idea of True Asset Issuance (TAI). True Asset Issuance fortifies user trust levels when engaged in digital transactions while ensuring the tokens issued from Maxonrow’s main chain is open, transparent, and traceable. He hopes that this mechanism can surpass the commonly seen Securities Token Issuance (STO) mechanism in the existing International Blockchain market.Maxonrow Asia Region CEO Jin Tai pointed out that all the featured products are perfect for adoption by the government and enterprise corporations. The underlying technology is fitted with KYC and AML concepts, allowing institutions to understand the qualities of their customers.

The lack of knowledge and popular misconception about this technology is caused by its reputation with fraudulent scams, as it deeply impacted how the general public perceives Blockchain; the current blockchain scene is much like the Internet when it emerged, many thought that it was merely a technology that transfers paper data into digital data.

But as maturation continues for the technology, Blockchain is gaining more mainstream media attention in 2019. Amongst those, Maxonrow’s promotional campaign is geared towards progressively collaborating with governments, enterprises and all industries by providing solutions to optimize public policy around the world, enabling easy access to better services for participants, and building a reasonable, transparent and effective everyday product for users. Maxonrow also anticipates collaboration with international governments to eradicate any misconceptions of Blockchain.


Maxonrow’s KYC Blockchain Technology Seminar was held in Taipei at the end of May. Maxonrow promoted the world’s first and only KYC Blockchain with True Asset Issuance mechanism, contrasts its counterpart of conventional decentralized blockchain anonymity, by providing legal and reliable digital financial transaction specifications. After the March 17th Launch Event and the first World Digital Economy Forum in Davos, Switzerland, Maxonrow won many influential supporters from foreign and abroad, including organizations with the United Nations.

Maxonrow visited the blockchain market of South Korea for the first time and gained immediate support from local industries and opinion leaders. After the event, Asia Region CEO Jin Tai expressed that despite knowing the level of passion for Blockchain in Seoul, it was hard to believe over 300 industry experts packed the event, but it also made the perfect indicator to assess the market trend. The rapid development in this industry is accredited to Seoul’s open attitude towards Blockchain, which is why Maxonrow chose South Korea as a strategic foothold progressing into Asia’s market, and at the same time, exert the full potential of KYC Blockchain and government incorporation.