Maxonrow Hosted Meetup in Paris at WeWork Champs Elysees

Maxonrow took the #MaxonWorld tour “Let’s Talk About Blockchain!” to its first European destination in the idyllic city of Paris. The event was held in a top-notch location at WeWork Champs Elysees with a beautiful view of the Arc de Triomphe.The audience was diverse, comprising over 50 attendees from students, to entrepreneurs interested to learn more about Blockchain and its applications. The event featured a presentation by Maxonrow’s CEO Mark Homeier, and Maxonrow’s PR Director Carla Castaneda about Blockchain technology and Maxonrow’s latest release, the MAX-Wallet, a native wallet connecting to the Maxonrow mainchain, embedded with advanced, mandatory KYC.

“MAX-Wallet enables enterprises to fractionalize ownership of real estate and other assets, which was previously challenging from a regulatory standpoint because there was no blockchain natively integrated with KYC/AML systems,” said Homeier.


In addition to the keynote, a representative from the Paris Blockchain Week Summit spoke to the audience about the Blockchain community in Paris and upcoming events and opportunities. The talk was a result of Maxonrow’s effort to learn about projects and developments in communities around the world as part of its developing Community Leader Program.

“The Community Leader program is a great opportunity for participants to receive excellent benefits and assistance for work that they may be already doing in their communities,” said Castaneda.


Overall, the event was a great success that the Maxonrow team is planning to replicate in its upcoming meetups in London and Bangkok.

For more information on other Maxonrow events, or how to join the community leader program, contact or drop them a line in their Telegram channel.

In the meantime, if you would like a deeper look into what went down at the event, please watch the video below: