Maxonrow is Enchanted by the Beautiful City of Cartagena on #MaxonWorld Tour

The Maxonrow team shared with the Cartagena tech community in their third stop of their Latin American #MaxonWorld tour. The meetup was held at Selina a coworking space and hostel for a global community of digital nomads, creators, entrepreneurs, and thinkers.

The team was amazed at the beauty of Cartagena and not surprise the spectacular scenery attracted many techies who travel around the world working on exciting innovative products from a wide array of industries.


Colombia is one of the 4 main countries in Latin America with the largest volume of blockchain operations. The ecosystem of companies in Colombia that have adopted blockchain in their processes is in full development. Among them is AOS, a Colombian company that is doing a pilot applying blockchain in the logistics sector.

In addition to this, we had a number of participants who were interested in bringing blockchain technology into their businesses. For instance, we had people from the travel industry looking to use blockchain technology to manage bookings, and others that were surprised to hear Maxonrow’s down to earth approach of the technology.


Check out what went down in the video below: