Maxonrow’s Blockchain Technology is Here to Lead Us to the Future

Maxonrow is a blockchain network ecosystem that will connect societies, governments, and businesses with the real economy through blockchain technology.

As blockchain technology grows, we have encountered many challenges: Server costs, energy demands, transaction speed, transaction costs, security against attacks, scalability, information transfer, data management, and many others. These challenges have led us to create a massive ecosystem composed of supernodes distributed globally to provide solutions and serve multiple needs of the world without intermediaries or boundaries.


The Maxonrow ecosystem is comprised of 10 core products, which will be the first to have instant KYC/AML capabilities:

  1. The Know Your Customer / Anti-Money Laundering framework
  2. The Wallet
  3. The Point of Sale System
  4. The Exchange
  5. The IPFS Network
  6. The Landmark Registration
  7. The Secured Token Engine
  8. The Decentralized Applications
  9. The TES
  10. The Web Explorer.


We are a team of over 100 professionals working around the globe comprised of dreamers, doers, visionaries, and futurists. We are here to ensure that blockchain technology helps people like you, your organizations and your countries in a secure, efficient and decentralized way. 

Our goal is to be the most secure, fast and scalable blockchain solution in the industry. This is Maxonrow, the real blockchain for the real world.