Maxonrow’s Newest Advisor is Rafael Schultz, CEO of Blockchainpunk Labs


Maxonrow is proud to announce the latest addition to its team, Rafael Schultz.

Rafael educates governments, universities, and financial institutions about blockchain payments and governance models of the future. His latest project involves Maxonrow, as he is joining the team and serving as its newest advisor.



For the last decade, Rafael has advanced business development in the fintech sector, building teams in Europe and Asia. Since 2017 he founded the accelerator Blockchainpunk Labs (BCP Labs) and acted as investor and advisor for various blockchain projects in Berlin.

Schultz’s BCP Labs is an accelerator that levels up blockchain startups into mass adoption. One of the most significant projects in 2018 was the Dash Embassy in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. A project supported by the Dash DAO to educate the corporate and fintech industry in Europe about blockchain payments of the future. BCP Labs works very closely with investors, entrepreneurs, and advisors from valuable technology partners.


Rafael is a big believer in innovative projects like Maxonrow, it is because he acknowledges Maxonrow’s KYC technologies can truly benefit the development of real economies. In a recent interview at an event in Kuala Lumpur he mentioned:

“Malaysia has recently started and acts in early stage, it has already a well infrastructure and can access supportive innovation hubs. One advice I want to give is take our mistakes in Europe as a learning experience and adopt best cases to Southeast Asia. You will definitely make it better and build up greater projects of value.”

Maxonrow and its team are looking forward to implementing Rafael’s expertise and continue providing easy to use, secure and transparent solutions through blockchain technology.