Maxonworld Kickstarts in Latin America with a Meetup in Mexico City!

After a long trip from Taiwan we landed in the beautiful capital of Mexico, the gorgeous Mexico City! We had a great time expanding our community and sharing the benefits for governance and financial operations through our KYC/AML verifiable blockchain solution.

Mexico is one of the few countries in LatAm that has a FinTech Law that provides businesses with a legal sandbox to innovate on financial products. Our attendants realized the potential of Maxonrow in their country and enjoyed sharing their own experiences with blockchain tech at our meetup.

Check out what went down in the video below:


Maxonrow Invited to a Panel at Bitcoin Embassy Bar

Ximena and Luis were panelists at an event hosted at Bitcoin Embassy bar, the only bar in Mexico city solely focused on innovation, cryptocurrencies and blockchain. It was a great experience to share about Maxonrow’s upcoming projects with the crypto community in Mexico City.


Maxonrow Present at Google Event About Blockchain for Education

Simultaneously, Carla attended an event hosted by Google about Blockchain for Innovation. The crowd was a mix of students and people developing educational projects using blockchain.  In the event, journalists, companies and influencers learned about blockchain and its decentralized uses for education.


It was an awesome week in Mexico City. Stay tuned through our Telegram about our upcoming destinations!