MAX-DMS is a tamper-proof document management system that uses blockchain to monitor and track document history:

  • Every document that is uploaded and endorsed by signatures turns into a transaction and is recorded in the blockchain. Users can store, track and sign documents in the system where all changes are recorded and transparent.
  • Maxonrow team built MAX-DMS to be easily customizable to fulfill unique needs across various industries and use cases.
  • MAX-DMS can be built on Maxonrow Blockchain (public chain) or private chain according to different business needs.

MAX-DMS is customizable according to various industry needs. It consists of configurable workflows, dynamic forms, and methods for document keeping. With MAX-DMS you can:

  • Configure MAX-DMS to be built on our blockchain or private chain according to your business needs.
  • Create folders to upload and store multiple documents on the blockchain.
  • Endorse documents with signatures that are tied to verified officers and staff.
  • The documents/folders are stored on IPFS and can be retrieved by hash.
Is MAX-DMS for you?

MAX-DMS works in various industries, we've seen great use cases in:

  • Education: academic certificates issued by universities could be endorsed and recorded in blockchain.
  • Healthcare: patient records and medical certificates produced by doctors and endorsed by hospitals can be immutable by storing them on the blockchain.
  • Entertainment: filing, registration, and archive of intellectual properties, such as sheet music for songs and manuscripts of literary works/novels.