True Asset Issuing (TAI)

Tokenizing Your Assets is Now Possible with Maxonrow’s TAI

True Asset Issuing (TAI) is a tokenization solution with dual-authentication mechanism, built to resolve the biggest complications encountered in asset digitization and tokenization.

If any company or organization plans to issue any digital assets on Maxonrow Blockchain, the company representative must first pass the KYC authentication to prove their identity and their relation to the company. Then they must provide property certification of the tangible asset to prove their ownership. This serves to eliminate any risk of impersonation or replication of assets.

TAI allows users with genuine and verified identity to issue digital assets that are backed in real life via TAI-FT or TAI-NFT. The system does not accept any anonymous or pseudonymous submissions, ensuring that only real people backed by verified identities who can provide valid proof of ownership can issue digital assets. In the Maxonrow ecosystem, all identities are verifiable.

Compared to Security Token Offering (STO), TAI is far more comprehensive and secure.