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What is DMS?

Easily solve the most challenging online document processing problems.

Now that the digital-first era has made paper records outdated, safe and automated data workflows are no longer an alternative, but a necessity. That is why we created a universal business record management system that addresses the issues associated with electronic file turnaround while also opening new avenues for your company's development.


Maxonrow Track

Maxonrow's blockchain foundation allows you to securely trace the use and possession of documents.

Ensuring that the files are always unchangeable.

Both intermediaries should be avoided.

Set up a consistent double-entry scheme.

Have a clear document history via time-stamped blocks.

Maxonrow Trust

Using distributed ledger technology, you can secure and decentralize your data storage.

Tokenization is used to secure the client registration process.

Using built-in proof of origin methods, you can eliminate fraud.

Data can be safeguarded at all levels with multi-tiered role-based and coded access.

Ensure the security of the data by encrypting and hashing it.

Maintain strict adherence to GDPR at all times.

Maxonrow Accelerate

Automate the collection, issuance, and retrieval of documents.

Simplify the management and monitoring of the company network.

Don't bother with time-consuming reconciliation or agreement mechanisms.

Using the Kafka consensus algorithm, you can speed up transaction validation.

Since there are no processing costs, you can save precious money.


Configuration of a system case
Admins and users have separate profiles and logins
Users may be invited, controlled, and disabled
Statuses may be given, approved, or rejected
Online interface (Web UI) for administrators
Back-end database and network blockchain
Data access through a secure API gateway
Report management and retrieval user interface
Maxonrow Judicial paper processing
Judicial paper processing
Law record logging and hashing
Automatic taxes
Improved personal identification and biometric data protection
Global ID and credential support
Maxonrow Accounting, investment, and insurance record processing
Accounting, investment, and insurance record processing
Multi-step authentication
Support for peer-to-peer lending and digital banking
Integrated regulatory enforcement
Transfers that are irreversible and encrypted
Maxonrow Supply chain and logistics record processing
Supply chain and logistics record processing
Provenance monitoring and chain of custody
Automatic payment execution
Help with stakeholder databases
Credibility score logging
Maxonrow Control of infrastructure and building records
Control of infrastructure and building records
Immutable design phase documentation
Control of all building inputs and properties
Safekeeping of warranties and maintenance checkpoints
Maxonrow Record control for electricity and infrastructure
Record control for electricity and infrastructure
Monitoring the chain of custody for grid materials
Safe file sharing for peer-to-peer energy trading
Data collection that is free of fraud for resource discovery
Maxonrow Healthcare document processing
Healthcare document processing
EHR entry protection
Healthcare insurance administration and retrieval
Drug management
Medical study data encryption
Maxonrow Inventory warranty digitization
Inventory warranty digitization
E-commerce and store document control
Support for P2P marketplaces
Oversight of the chain of custody
Document control in CRM
Maxonrow Telecommunications document management
Telecommunications document management
SLA content flow automation
KYC document authentication using digital identity
Call detail records management
Royalty and digital estate or payment management
Maxonrow Real estate document management
Real estate document management
No-intermediary contract execution
Liquid asset support
Encryption of marketplace and ownership details
Immutable cadastre and land activity data

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