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How to Get Started with Maxonrow

Although no one can promise a victory, they all share one thing in this process: they did not do it alone.

So, if you need assistance with fixing a technological issue, identifying eligible developers, or finalizing a fundraising round, we have everything you need to get started. There's a reason why most entrepreneurs choose Maxonrow over other providers: we're here to help you thrive from idea to IPO.

Are You Still Pondering What Exactly That We Do for Startups?

We, on the other hand, do exactly what is needed for every startup to expand.
We supply them with all of the resources they need to expand into a profitable company in the long run.

MVP stands for Minimum Viable Product

We not only listen to your thoughts and make recommendations, but we also help you create MVP. To assess the extent of scalability, MVP provides an advantage by encouraging you to evaluate a product hypothesis with limited resources.

Developmental Stages

We do not jump into things until we've made the decision to go forward. It's only one step at a time, which is why we go for stage production. We invest extensively in this phase-by-phase scalability method of planning a start-up for diligent growth.


Maxonrow Project idea
Project idea
To get a better picture of the project's specifications, we created a questionnaire that contains multiple questions such as:
  • Project Vision
  • Mission
  • Platform Actors
  • Features
  • Languages
  • Target Audience
Maxonrow MoSCoW Prioritization
MoSCoW Prioritization

We use the MoSCoW analysis method to prioritize characteristics, which aids in the definition of the minimum viable product.

MoSCoW is an abbreviation for the four types of features mentioned below:

Mo - stands for Must have; Necessary Feature
S- stands for Should have; High Priority Feature
Co - stands for Could have; Desirable Feature
W - stands for Won’t have; Feature is not required as of now

Design & Development

Maxonrow Design visualization
Design visualization

Once we've decided on the MVP, we'll focus on the user interface. We understand that user experience and design are important because they will make or break the project.

We consider the following factors when designing:
  • Guideline colours
  • Design principles
  • Typography
  • Iconography
Maxonrow MVP (Minimum Viable Product) development
MVP (Minimum Viable Product) development

Following the completion of the design, we begin the development phase, in which our technical team develops the framework, which is based on MVP features identified earlier in the process.

MVP has several advantages, including:
  • Reduced rework
  • Focus on critical business functions
  • Reduced development costs
  • Decreased investment risks

Maintenance & Scaling

Maxonrow Support and maintenance
Support and maintenance

Our partnership stretches beyond MVP creation to provide support and repair services for your current MVP solution 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Our support and repair programmes include the following:
  • Third-party maintenance
  • OS and server migration
  • Bug and task tracking
  • Application monitoring
  • Application improvement
Maxonrow Project expansion
Project expansion

When it comes to a start-growth up's and smooth scalability, we believe in giving it our best. According to MoSCoW review, we proceed to the should have features, which are accompanied by the should have and won't have features.

We were able to successfully scale MVP by following the steps outlined below:
  • Identifying problems
  • Keeping up with the market’s pace
  • Exploring the potential of cloud services
  • Considering the product’s dynamic nature

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